Text Analytics Forum

  The Text Analytics Forum: Join Us

Join us in November for the seventh annual Text Analytics Forum.  Register today and get $200 off – use the code TR23. https://secure.infotoday.com/RegForms/TextAnalyticsForum/ 

The Text Analytics Forum, in its seventh year, is the only conference covering all aspects of text analytics and semantic AI.

This year the focus will be on Generative AI and how text analytics can make GPT smarter and safer. We’ll also cover the full range of text analytics development and applications.

At the end of the first day, we are trying something new – a Text Analytics Demo Lab where participants can see the latest software from leading text analytics vendors.  We’ll have some prepared exercises: auto-categorization, data extraction, and GPT prompt engineering, but we also want this to be an interactive session.

To learn more about this exciting field, please join us in Washington DC. Co-located with 4 other conferences.


Text Analytics and Generative AI / LLMs

  • Generative AI & Text Analytics: TA Provides the Foundation for a GPT-driven Enterprise Knowledge Management Application
  • Future Knowledge Graphs Will Be a Collaboration Between LLMs & Humans
  • Intelligent Content – Bringing Together Knowledge Graphs &Large Language Models
  • Tagging Academic Research Papers – What Are Large Language Models Good For?

Enterprise Architecture in an AI World

  • Scaling Knowledge Graph Architecture With AI
  • Enterprise Cognitive Architecture: How LLMs Like ChatGPT Will Integrate with the Enterprise

The Future of Taxonomy – Two Views

  • GPT Eats Taxonomy for Breakfast
  • Bootstrapping Enterprise Taxonomies for Autocategorization

Huge Data: Issues & Approaches

  • Behind the Scenes of a Massive Platform Migration
  • Hungry for Data-The Growing Appetite of AI for Alternative Datasets

Text Analytics Methods and Techniques

  • An Automated Insight Discovery Solution for Increasing the Efficiency of Business Decisions
  • A Microservices Approach to Text Analytics
  • From Characters to Strings: Using Vectorization to Discover Knowledge in Your Organization
  • Improve Sustainability Conversations with Neural Nets


  • NLP in Theory and Practice
  • NLP for Business & Customer Insights