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Books and Articles

(New!) Book on text analytics: Deep Text: Using Text Analytics to Conquer Information Overload, Get Real Value from Social Media, and Add Big(ger) Text to Big Data
By Tom Reamy


Beyond Sentiment by Tom Reamy
Published on

Enterprise Content Categorization - Develop and Implement a Semantic Strategy by Tom Reamy
Also available on the SAS web site

Folksonomy Folktales by Tom Reamy
KMWorld October 2009 Word Version
Full Article Version

Talks and Workshops

(New!) Using Text Analytics to Spot Fake News
Taxonomy Boot Camp London - 2017

(New!) AI and Taxonomy
Internet Librarian - 2017

(New!) Using Text Analytics to Spot Fake News
Internet Librarian - 2017

(New!) Text Analytics Workshop
KMWorld - 2017

(New!) AI and Taxonomy
Taxonomy Boot Camp DC - 2017

(New!) Text Analytics Forum - Welcome and Overview
Text Analytics Forum - 2017

  Current Events

(New!) The newest conference from Information Today, Text Analytics Forum, was successfully launched in Washington DC, Nov. 8-9
An entire conference devoted to the latest text analytics techniques and applications in this growing field.

To view a description of the 2017 conference

Upcoming Talks and Worshops Enterprise Data World in San Diego, April 22-27
Fake News - Using Text Analytics to Tag Fakes

Stay tuned for updates and other talks, workshops, webinars, and more


I have always liked the idea of providing a library of resources even though it can be difficult to maintain. What is in our "library" is a set of links that I find interesting and I hope you do too.

What you will find here is:

a list of text analytics companies - commercial and free

a list of discussion groups - LinkedIn, Google and Yahoo

a list of general information companies - search, content management, etc.

a place to post items from the news that I find interesting - cognitive science and language theory etc.

Hope you enjoy

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